Halley's Comet - 1986

Halley's Comet - 1986

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unhappy Trails and Halloween Tales

Sixth Street is definitely what it is hyped up to be here in Austin. It's much like a parade, where people just walk the strip in their decked out costumes. I dragged my friend Matt downtown, after he had worked like two hundred hours the past two weeks. After driving through traffic for thirty minutes, and finally finding a place to park, I realized I left my ID at home! So I snapped a few shots, we ate a gyros with potatoes? (the potatoes were part of the keeping Austin weird theme) and then headed back home. Halloween this year definitely made me more homesick than ever, but I'm glad I'll be going to Chicago for Thanksgiving.

The next morning was a run at 7:30AM. We were running the Greenbelt on this particular morning, I was told it was a little rocky. Rocky was not the word to describe this run. It was more of a hiking path, and I'm not one to enjoy jogging through such constraints. Sure enough, I fell, Twice, the second time really leaving a bruise and large scrape on my leg. I really want to go to Yoga today so I can thank my body for its natural healing abilities. That's what we do in Yoga. Twist our bodies in new angles every day, and then reflect on why we are grateful for the day. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

But the highlight of Halloween weekend was pancakes at Magnolias with my roommates. It was the thirty-forty minute wait that made those gingerbread pancakes taste that much better! I will be adding this to my google map of great places to go in Austin. When I finally finish my map, I will be posting it here. So stay tuned!

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